Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Julie - en ons kyk terug na die laaste kuiertjie.


Tables are set for a celebration of live

Flames of light warm the atmosphere

Glass filled blossoms smile openly

Colorful friendships of pink and blue

Yet the glass is transparent always new

We sit to be served like kings and queens

Of God’s creation.

Two friends stand tall with pride

Years of nostalgic remembrance

Brings stories of Gods grace

Stands of life hang softly around their faces

Lines of love have formed their personalities

The gift of smiles are abundantly shared

Hugs of hope and new friendships sealed.

A cake of delight all covered with sweet moments

Languages of joy fill spaces of time

Stories of past struggles and future pleasures,

Will roam in spaces now and through distant lines

Thankful greetings and ever lasting life to share

To be grateful for birthday wishes to share.

Blue Crane – Lekkerkry kuier – 13.06.2009

Foto: Bernice Rietveld, Gedig: Blondt